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Keeping children's needs in mind through a divorce

An Arizona couple could create increased turmoil for their children by delaying divorce in some situations. They might avoid initiating divorce proceedings in order to attempt to resolve differences, but as the decision end their marriage is made, prolonging the matter could lead to greater difficulties for children. The desire to reconcile can create delays, especially if one or both spouses are conflicted because of issues such as religious beliefs, family pressures, or even concern for the impact on children. Although a delay may allow marital differences to be resolved, it could also lead to a longer period of uncertainty for one's children.

Parenting plans as strong foundations for the future

The emotional turmoil of divorce can be amplified when children are involved. In a best-case scenario, Arizona parents can get along well enough to coparent and can also shield their children from some of the worst fallout from the divorce. One of the tools for doing this is a detailed parenting plan.

Reports of celebrity divorces not always accurate

Arizona residents may sometimes find it difficult to avoid salacious stories about divorcing celebrities. Accounts of infidelity or abuse may be the most reliable way for the writers of these articles to pique public interest, but legal battles over property division and child custody are also a reliable way to sell newspapers and boost television ratings. These accounts often include a legal perspective provided by family law attorneys or other experts, but this does not necessarily mean that what is said will apply in all parts of the country.

Gun and domestic violence case in hands of Supreme Court

Arizona residents who have previous domestic violence convictions are federally prohibited from owning or possessing guns. Under the Lautenberg Amendment, even those with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions may face up to 10 years in federal prison if they are caught in possession of a gun.

Preparing to go to divorce court

Couples who are getting a divorce may be headed to court if they are unable to negotiate an agreement with their spouse regarding property division and other applicable issues. The process of going to court involves a number of steps, and a person who is heading to court should be aware of the rules in Arizona family law courts. There will be a complex discovery process that involves turning over financial records such as bank statements and tax documents. A party who tries to withhold this information could be penalized.


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