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Getting finances ready for a divorce

Couples in Arizona who are considering getting a divorce should consider the effect a separation could have on their finances. In order to prepare their finances for a divorce, there are certain steps that each party should take.

How a husband's employment status could lead to divorce

Arizona couples could be more vulnerable to having their marriage come to an end if the husband does not work full time according to a study that was published in 2016. There were fewer barriers to divorce for women starting in the 1970s including more social acceptance of divorce and more economic freedom for women. However, this economic freedom did not appear to correlate to higher divorce rates.

Politics having a negative effect on relationships

Arizona couples who are arguing more over politics are not alone according to a surveyy from the polling firm Wakefield Research that reports one in 10 couple breaking up over politics. At 22 percent, millennials have an even higher rate of ending a relationship over political disagreements.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner file for divorce

Movie fans in Arizona and around the country were likely shocked in 2015 when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced that they were divorcing just one day after celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. The A-list couple's separation has remained, for the most part, a private affair, but media outlets became interested in Affleck and Garner again on April 13 when they officially filed for divorce in California.

Marital separation precautions

When couples in Arizona experience marital problems, it is not unusual for them to separate. In some cases, this is an attempt to give both spouses the ability to "cool off" so that they can better work on their issues. However, a separation can also mark the end of a marriage. Because of the uncertainty of this situation, it's important for spouses to take precautions during a separation.

Financial professionals can help divide retirement assets

When couples in Arizona divorce, they may have to decide how to divide retirement assets. Retirement plans can be a particularly complex area of financial planning; therefore, may be in the best interests of a spouse to bring in a financial planner who has extensive knowledge of retirement plans and the ramifications of divorce.

Divorce and business buyout agreements

An Arizona married couple that runs a business together should take legal precautions in case their marriage falls apart. A broken relationship could break a business unless the partners have already defined how to divide their business assets and duties with a buyout agreement. Otherwise, the couple might fail to agree on terms in a divorce and force a court to decide the fate of the business.

IVF, frozen embryos and divorce

Arizona couples who are getting a divorce and have a question about their legal rights with regard to their frozen embryos may be surprised to know that there is not much case law regarding the specific issue. In fact, even the consent agreement for the frozen storage facility that they have to sign early during the in vitro fertilization process may not be a legally enforceable document.

Cuba Gooding Jr. files for divorce after 3-year separation

Arizona residents who are fans of actor Cuba Gooding Jr. may be aware that he has been separated from his wife for almost three years. Despite previous hints that there might be a reconciliation, Gooding recently filed for divorce. He had been married to his wife, Sara Kapfer, since 1994.


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