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Many women leave marriage at a financial disadvantage

Dissatisfaction and other emotions drive people to seek divorces in Arizona. However, the decision often inflicts more lasting financial damage on women than men. Due to the gender pay gap and other factors, women may have limited resources when they begin their newly single lives.

Prenuptial agreements may be a good thing

Arizona residents who are planning to get married might be concerned when their partners want them to sign prenuptial agreements. Discussing one does not mean that the partners are planning for their marriages to fail and may offer benefits to the marriages and both parties.

Affording the family home after a divorce

When an Arizona couple is going through a divorce, dividing up the property can become a point of contention especially if both individuals have separate goals. For example, one person may wish to retain ownership of the family home if there are children involved, as this can help keep their home life stable while everything else is changing. While keeping the home can be beneficial, there are some financial hoops a parent going through a divorce may have to jump through.

Divorce and health care insurance

Arizona couples who are considering a divorce may be interested in putting their plans on hold due to the state of health care in the United States. Some people are concerned that they may not be able to get health insurance after their divorce due to pre-existing conditions and a potential increase in costs.

Financial considerations before remarrying

When Arizona residents who have gone through a divorce enter into new marriages, they will be creating a new financial union. If one or both partners have children from another relationship, they will be forming a blended family with stepchildren and stepparents. Prior to the marriage, financial planners recommend that partners disclose their financial situations and discuss how to address immediate and long-term expenses for the children as well as saving for retirement. Some people might choose to execute a formal prenuptial agreement, but having a conversation about these issues might suffice for other couples.

Getting finances ready for a divorce

Couples in Arizona who are considering getting a divorce should consider the effect a separation could have on their finances. In order to prepare their finances for a divorce, there are certain steps that each party should take.

How a husband's employment status could lead to divorce

Arizona couples could be more vulnerable to having their marriage come to an end if the husband does not work full time according to a study that was published in 2016. There were fewer barriers to divorce for women starting in the 1970s including more social acceptance of divorce and more economic freedom for women. However, this economic freedom did not appear to correlate to higher divorce rates.

Politics having a negative effect on relationships

Arizona couples who are arguing more over politics are not alone according to a surveyy from the polling firm Wakefield Research that reports one in 10 couple breaking up over politics. At 22 percent, millennials have an even higher rate of ending a relationship over political disagreements.


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