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September 2014 Archives

Important financial considerations during a divorce

Arizona residents may wonder about the financial needs they will have after a divorce. This is partly based on an individual's economic status during marriage. Understanding marital assets and the way they might be divided is important. There are a few financial areas that spouses should scrutinize during the divorce process.

How domestic violence can affect divorce proceedings

Individuals living in Arizona may not be entirely aware of how domestic violence can affect divorce proceedings. Domestic violence can constitute grounds for a divorce, and in some situations, it can also serve as fault. Additionally, domestic violence instances may also affect how a property is divided and how child custody and support are determined.

Billionaire's wife seeks to void prenup

Many Arizona investors read earlier in 2014 that a billionaire hedge fund manager had announced his intent to divorce his wife of 11 years. In response to his divorce petition, his wife is asking that the terms of a prenuptial agreement the two signed be voided.

Should statutory rape victims be responsible for child support?

Arizona residents may be aware of the state law specifying that a child under 15 years of age is not able to consent to any acts of sexual nature under any circumstances. A recent case of a man who was the victim of statutory rape at age 14 by a 20-year-old woman made headlines when the women filed for back child support for a daughter the man has never seen. He found out he was a father when he was served with the papers requesting child support. His wages are now garnished, and $380 is seized from his bank account per month.

August was child support awareness month in Arizona

La Paz County residents may have heard about the impact on child support issues made by the Division of Child Support Services. The office is making every effort to work with parents who owe child support. For the recently ended fiscal year, more than $1 million in child support was collected.


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