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Arizona third-party child custody rights

In Arizona, a third party who is not the biological parent of a child may file a petition to obtain legal and residential custody of the child if certain circumstances apply. In order to be able to file for custody as a third party, the person must first have a relationship that is in loco parentis to the child, which means in place of the parent. Commonly, people who fall into this category are a child's grandparents.

What to expect from a child support warrant in Arizona

In the event that a non-custodial parent does not pay court-ordered child support, he or she may be taken into police custody on a child support warrant. This article will discuss what a police officer is allowed to do in connection with a child support related warrant. To execute such a warrant, an officer will take the named person into custody. The officer will tell the named person that he or she has a warrant unless the officer believes that telling the person will jeopardize the execution of the warrant or the individual either forcibly resists or flees.

Child custody arrangements in Arizona

In Arizona, the courts will step in to make parenting time decisions when the parents are unable to come to an arrangement on their own. Under state law, when the courts are required to intervene, they try to choose a plan that gives both parents time with the child and allows for them to share in the legal decision-making aspects of child rearing. Ultimately, the court's main concern with child custody matters is to adopt a plan that is in the child's best interests.

How can a stepparent gain custody rights?

In Arizona, it can be difficult for a stepparent to gain custody rights upon a marriage dissolution. Many stepparents develop strong bonds with their partner's children, becoming the child's psychological parent even if the ties are not based upon shared genetics. While difficult, it is still possible for a stepparent to get child custody rights in the state if certain standards are able to be met.


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