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November 2014 Archives

Avoiding adoption fraud

Arizona residents may benefit from learning more about how adoption fraud occurs and what actions can be taken to avoid it. People who fall victim to adoption fraud typically suffer emotional and financial hardships. Anyone who suspects fraudulent activity to be present in the adoption process is advised to contact authorities with the local police, the state attorney general office, the FBI or the National Fraud Information Center.

What are the legal requirements for an Arizona divorce?

A couple might decide together that a divorce is the best resolution to differences in a marriage. However, there are often occasions that involve one party deciding that a divorce is warranted without consulting the other party first. Divorce can be a challenging situation regardless of the circumstances leading up to it, and understanding the legal requirements for divorce may be helpful for the individual who wants to proceed but who is unsure about the details.

Divorce issues for Arizona military families

Although members of the military face the same legal system that others use for dissolution of marriage, there are some logistical issues that can make a military divorce a little more challenging. It is important to understand these issues in considering filing for divorce to ensure that details can be handled as efficiently as possible.

Filing requirements in military divorce may differ

Arizona residents may be interested in decisions military couples may face when they decide to divorce. Military life often involves transfers and periods of deployment, and couples may live in many states before retirement. The choice about where to divorce depends on multiple issues. Residency for the purpose of divorce means that at least one spouse resides in or has a domicile in the state where the divorce is filed. Residency requirements and time limits vary from state to state, so for military divorce this may mean living in one state while filing in another. This is particularly true if a transfer was recently completed.


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