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What child support payments might be used for

Arizona parents who are facing divorce or otherwise seeking child support might be surprised to learn that they could be entitled to more than just what is needed for their kid's basic needs. Although child support payments are meant to go to things like food and clothing, courts generally order non-custodial parents to contribute for many other expenses too.

Obtaining consent for a stepparent adoption

A stepparent in Arizona who would like to adopt their stepchild must obtain consent from both of the child's birth parents. This means that the stepparent's spouse and the stepchild's other birth parent must agree to the adoption. If consent from the other birth parent is easily obtained, a stepparent adoption can happen relatively quickly.

Divorce rates are lower than 50 percent, report says

According to popular conception, at least 50 percent of marriages do not last. However, this conception may be based in more myth than fact, report authorities. Arizona couples might take interest in a Dec. 2 New York Times report asserting that approximately 70 percent of marriages that began in the 1990s are still intact and that divorce rates are actually in decline.

How is property divided in Arizona?

When couples divorce in Arizona, they can either come to an agreement on their own as to how their property will be divided or the court will make the determination. Property is designated as either marital, or community, property or separate property. Since Arizona is a community property state, the court will divide all marital property equally between the spouses.


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