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Protecting a person's credit during divorce

If an Arizona couple decides it may be time for a divorce, it is always important that financial matters be at the top of the list when they are attempting to resolve issues. If a person does not take the steps to ensure that their finances are secure, they could find themselves stuck with their ex-spouse's debt or poor credit.

How child support ends in Arizona

The age of majority in Arizona is 18, and parents who are paying child support often assume that they will no longer be required to make payments once their child reaches this age. However, this is not always the case. Child support payments may sometimes continue if the child is disabled or is still attending high school. Parents should also be aware that the payments will not automatically stop after their child's eighteenth birthday, and they are required to request that the support be terminated.

Divorcing couples can save money

Arizona couples considering divorce could learn from a New Jersey couple that acrimoniously divorced after 20 years of marriage. The husband fought paying spousal support for a year, even though the wife reportedly earned 40 percent less than him. At the end, legal costs amount to roughly $300,000. Although this example is extreme, there are ways to keep costs down for a divorce.

Potential effect of divorce on credit in Arizona

When people get divorced, the judge will issue an order that not only divides the property of the respective spouses, but also allocates the responsibility to pay any debts. People need to be aware that creditors, however, do not have to follow a family court's order and may still pursue whomever they can for repayment of a debt.


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