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Having a baby before marriage and its impact on divorce

Many couples in Arizona may be concerned about the various factors that increase the risk of a divorce. While one used to be having a baby before getting married, a recent study based upon data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that this is likely no longer the case.

Reunification therapy treatment and child custody

Arizona parents who are in the middle of a custody dispute might find that the children involved might have to undergo reunification therapy mandated by a court. This type of therapy, which is still a controversial treatment, has been and might continue to be used in cases where a parent blames the other parent of turning the children against them during a divorce, or alienating the parent.

Stepparent rights

Many stepparents in Arizona have questions about what their legal rights are regarding their stepchildren. The answer to that question largely depends on how involved the child's biological parent is. Generally, however, stepparents do not have legal rights over their stepchildren.

Prenuptial agreements and divorce

While some Arizona couples have prenuptial agreements, many others do not consider them because they either find them distasteful or they believe they are unnecessary. Simply entering into a prenuptial agreement does not mean that the party is planning to later divorce, but it may be a good idea for more than protecting assets if the marriage does indeed come to an end.


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