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Parenting time for special events

While some people have flexible parenting plans or have not yet been through the court process, it is important that certain things are clear when determining child custody issues in Arizona and other states. The holidays provide one example where parents may fight because both parties want to spend special occasions with their children. One may not have enough time to go through the court process if a holiday or big event is coming up, so here are a few tips for working out an arrangement.

Helping Arizona parents keep their kids in the country

If an individual was married to and had a child with a foreign spouse, there is a chance that the child may be taken to the former spouse's home country. Those who believe that their former spouse would take his or her child outside of the United States can register that complaint with the appropriate court. Doing so may give the American spouse sole custody of the child on a temporary basis.

Domestic violence and child custody

Domestic violence is an issue in Arizona that sometimes affects child custody case outcomes. People who have committed domestic abuse against their significant others may sometimes be given parenting time or legal decision-making for their children in some cases.

Knowledge of finances crucial when negotiating a divorce

During a divorce, the finances of both partners come under legal scrutiny. Financial matters often trigger marital stress, and, when a divorce results, disputes about money often persist. When marriage partners cannot agree on the terms of a divorce, the court will make the decisions for them. Arizona is a community property state, and thus the court will normally. divide marital property equally between the parties absent an agreement to the contrary.


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