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August 2016 Archives

Child support may be higher for extraordinary children

The remarkable accomplishments of Olympic athletes inspire sports fans in Arizona and around the country every four years, but their success is generally a reflection of the time and energy they have put into their conditioning and training efforts. Raising an Olympian often involves spending significant sums on sophisticated athletic equipment, professional coaches and experienced nutritionists, and this can be a difficult burden to bear for divorced parents.

Divorced parents moving less, affect migration patterns

Parents in Arizona and throughout the country who divorce are less likely to move out of state because of child custody. This may be leading to a nationwide trend in which people are moving less than they used to. Over the past 50 years, demographers have noted that people move half as much as they used to. However, they have been unable to explain the cause.

Divorce requires numerous financial decisions

When Arizona couples get a divorce, each person must make decisions about finances that could have long-term effects. If one of the spouses did not handle the money, then financial experts recommend that they get as much information as they can about the status of their marital finances.

Independent women and divorce in Arizona

A survey of 6,300 heterosexual married couples conducted by a Harvard professor revealed some interesting insights into the link between work and the success of a marriage. Women who worked outside the home were at no greater risk for experiencing trouble in their marriage compared to those who undertook a stay-at-home role. However, men were more likely to be at risk for divorce if they didn't work outside the home.


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