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How judges determine child support

When parents in Arizona decide to divorce, the issue of child support becomes of paramount importance. In recent years, new stories have often focused on the amount of child support that the former spouse or partner of celebrities receive. In some cases, the parent with primary physical custody may receive thousands of dollars a month, sometimes reaching into five figures. While this may seem excessive, there is often a good reason for these high numbers.

Cohabitation gaining prominence despite risk

Arizona couples who are unmarried but living together may be entering an area of financial risk if they commingle funds or share a mortgage or other obligation. They may be wise to sign an agreement outlining their rights and responsibilities. Cohabitation agreements are already increasing in popularity as the marriage patterns of Americans change.

How divorce affects college funds

A lot of couples never consider what would happen to the college funds they set up for their kids if they were to divorce. This issue is usually addressed in a separation or divorce agreement, which stipulates how assets, including savings accounts, are divided between the spouses. They may prepare themselves for this by learning about how laws affect different types of accounts.

Divorce and transitions for children

One of the main concerns for many Arizona parents who are getting a divorce is the impact this will have on their children. They can, however, help their children adjust by trying to reduce conflict between one another. Although this can be challenging, it gives children the opportunity to spend more time with each parent in a lower-stress atmosphere.

Methods of calculating business value in a divorce

An Arizona couple who is ending their marriage must divide their property, and if a business is involved, the process may be more complicated. They will first need to know the value of the business. An appraiser can perform either a full valuation or a calculation of value depending on the situation.


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