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November 2016 Archives

How parents can resolve child custody issues

For Arizona parents who have ended their marriage, some conflict may remain. A number of issues may arise after the divorce regarding custody and visitation. While any major changes to custody agreements, such as one parent relocating out of state with the child, should go through the court system, many disputes may be negotiated between the parents. If talking about the issue is unsuccessful, parents might then need to turn to a judge.

Divorce and student loans

Many Arizona residents used student loans as a way to pay for their higher education. While this type of debt is often burdensome, it can take on special significance during and after a divorce.

Child support portal available for employers

Employers in Arizona and throughout the country may have access to a more efficient system for processing child support documents in 2017. Known as the Child Support Portal, the system will provide information shared by employers to the federal child support office including contact information for the employer, health insurance availability and details about the type of insurance offered, and more.

Beware of asset depletion in divorce

An Arizona person who is divorcing may be concerned about the other spouse dissipating assets. In some relationships, one spouse may have been a high earner while the other stayed home to care for the children. This stay-at-home spouse may not have had the opportunity to develop marketable job skills, and the assets dissipated may be trivial for the earning spouse. For the other spouse, they may make the difference between financial security and poverty after divorce.


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