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States take the nonpayment of child support very seriously

The obligation to make child support payments generally ends when the child involved reaches the age of 18, but noncustodial parents in Arizona may still be pursued for payments that they have failed to make. Child support programs are designed to prevent children from becoming burdens on the state and hold noncustodial parents financially responsible for their actions, and government agencies at both the state and federal level take the nonpayment of child support very seriously.

Dealing with child custody exchanges

Arizona parents who are contemplating a divorce should know that child custody arrangements can be one of the most contentious issues that parents will have to address as they determine how to provide their child with what he or she needs to be well-adjusted. An arrangement typically details custody and visitation specifics, includes when, where and in what manner a child will be exchanged from the physical custody of one parent to the other.

Caring for Arizona children after a divorce

When a couple gets a divorce, it is often very difficult for children. Unfortunately, this difficulty often is a result of the action of the parents. People who divorce generally have built up a lot of bad feelings about their spouse, and they do not always make the best or most logical choices for dealing with their ex-partner.

Divorce in the age of social media and texting

Individuals who are getting divorced in Arizona or any other location should be aware that their online and mobile phone activities might be used against them. While it is true that many divorces are perfectly amicable, the reality is that some spouses will seek leverage in the form of text messages, Facebook status posts and tweets. Even seemingly innocent activities may be misconstrued by a spouse and his or her attorneys.


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