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Divorce and business buyout agreements

An Arizona married couple that runs a business together should take legal precautions in case their marriage falls apart. A broken relationship could break a business unless the partners have already defined how to divide their business assets and duties with a buyout agreement. Otherwise, the couple might fail to agree on terms in a divorce and force a court to decide the fate of the business.

Child support, parents and the DPPA

Noncustodial parents in Arizona and the rest of country who fail to pay child support payments as they have been ordered to do so may be subject to certain enforcement measures. One of those measures may include the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act. Established in 1998, the DPPA is a federal child support statute aimed at penalizing parents who purposely fail to make child support payments by relocating to another state to avoid their obligations.

Helping children through a divorce

Arizona parents whose marriage is coming to an end and who are concerned about how their children might react to a divorce may want to take some steps to help them adjust. Parents should make an effort to not argue in front of their children or say anything negative about the other parent. Instead, they should react positively when children speak about their interactions with the other parent. Children may need to ask questions and might benefit from counseling.

Can stepparents make medical decisions for stepchildren?

When an Arizona parent who has a child gets remarried, the stepparent may not know whether or not they can legally consent or refuse to consent for a stepchild's medical care. In order for a minor child to have a medical procedure, a parent or guardian must give informed consent; however, stepparents generally cannot give this.


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