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How a husband's employment status could lead to divorce

Arizona couples could be more vulnerable to having their marriage come to an end if the husband does not work full time according to a study that was published in 2016. There were fewer barriers to divorce for women starting in the 1970s including more social acceptance of divorce and more economic freedom for women. However, this economic freedom did not appear to correlate to higher divorce rates.

Politics having a negative effect on relationships

Arizona couples who are arguing more over politics are not alone according to a surveyy from the polling firm Wakefield Research that reports one in 10 couple breaking up over politics. At 22 percent, millennials have an even higher rate of ending a relationship over political disagreements.

Steps to take if a parent is abusing drugs or alcohol

Some Arizona parents who are going through a divorce might think their child could be in danger if the other parent abuses drugs or alcohol. They should mention these concerns at the custody hearing. Having documentation of the parent's substance abuse as well as any evidence that it has a negative impact on the child will help support their case.

Handling electronic communications between parent and child

Some Arizona parents who are divorced may have a visitation agreement that includes an arrangement for the noncustodial parent to communicate with the child using text, phone calls or video calls. In some cases, custodial parents might wonder whether they can prohibit the other parent from communicating with their child in this way. In general, courts discourage cutting off contact between a parent and child unless there is an issue such as domestic abuse.


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