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Sharing the parenting responsibilities after divorce

When Arizona parents decide to divorce, the logistical and emotional efforts involved in co-parenting can weigh heavily. Even the most amicable of divorcing spouses can face struggles when it comes to co-parenting, as each parent has to deal with the reality of not being with his or her child full-time. By keeping several guidelines in mind, divorcing parents can help to make the journey towards successful co-parenting easier and less stressful for both themselves and their children.

Understanding child support obligations with joint custody

Determining child support can be one of the most difficult and complicated aspects of getting divorced. Child support is typically determined by the Child Support Standards Act, but that statute doesn't address joint custody. In order to determine joint custody obligations, parents and their legal representatives must sift through quite a bit of information. Here is a closer look at some of the factors that are used to determine child support in Arizona and other states throughout the country.

The financial surprises of a divorce

Women in Arizona who are thinking about getting a divorce should be prepared for how the process can impact many aspects of their lives. They should be particularly aware of the unexpected financial issues that are likely to crop up.

How 2019 tax laws can have an impact on common divorce issues

As if going through a divorce may not be difficult enough for former Arizona couples, the change in tax laws starting Jan. 1, 2019, may make it even more difficult for former couples to move forward. The tax changes will have financial impacts on many divorce issues that are often sticking points, including alimony, ownership of the family home and custody of the children.


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