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Helping children cope after divorce

Divorce is typically difficult for every member of the family, especially children. Nevertheless, with the support of their parents, children are able to find happiness and stability after their parents have divorced in Arizona or elsewhere.

Cohabitation and increased divorce risk

Divorce has become quite common in Arizona and in other states, and one factor may be cohabitation before marriage. Researchers have found that couples who live together prior to marriage experience a higher divorce rate than couples who wait until marriage to move in together. Researchers have labeled this the "premarital cohabitation effect."

How child support benefits children

Parents in Arizona and throughout the country are generally responsible for providing financial support to their children. Child support payments may be used to cover a variety of expenses from food and shelter to the cost of attending college. Support payments may also be used to cover miscellaneous expenses such as keeping the lights on in an apartment or heating a home that the child lives in.


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