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What happens to a business in a divorce

When people get a divorce and one or both of them owns a business, there may be a complex process to decide what share of the business each person gets and what happens to the business. Since Arizona is a community property state, a business created after the marriage will usually be considered the property of both spouses. If the business was started before the marriage, there may be a more complicated issue of determining how much the company's value has increased since the marriage began.

DNA testing can be important in child support cases

Just as DNA testing is becoming increasingly indispensable in criminal cases to convict a suspect or exonerate a wrongly imprisoned person, these tests are also essential in Arizona family courts. DNA testing is far more accessible and affordable than in the past, and it is often used for genealogy projects. The high accuracy of DNA tests, exceeding 99.99 percent, means that they offer a firm basis for determining legal parenthood.

An overview of the child custody hearing process

After a divorce or separation, parents in Arizona will need to create a parenting plan. One of the first steps in creating such a plan is determining who will be the custodial parent. In some cases, both parents have joint custody of their children. During a child custody hearing, a judge will determine who should have legal custody and who should have physical custody of a child.

Tips to prepare children for holidays after divorce or separation

Divorce changes the holidays for families in Arizona. Differences that led parents to split could create negative emotions when one parent has to let the children spend holiday time with the other parent. Children could also feel uncertain about what to do, but parents can take meaningful steps to reduce family stress and keep the focus on children enjoying the holidays with both parents separately.

The impact of child custody on a parent's taxes

Divorcing parents in Arizona need to decide how they will divide their assets, determine who will get any real property and have discussions on parental guardianship. Since these are all important topics, it's easy for ex-spouses to neglect seemingly smaller issues, such as tax ramifications. However, proper tax planning can lead to substantial savings.


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