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January 2019 Archives

Developing a joint custody parenting schedule that works

If joint custody is awarded to parents in Arizona, the next step is to iron out a parenting schedule that's also acceptable to both parties. It's a process meant to be about more than just divvying up parenting responsibilities: It's also an opportunity for parents to show their children that they can work together and keep their best interests in mind.

Prenuptial advice for college students

A prenuptial agreement can be effective for anyone thinking about getting married regardless of how old they are. For younger people attending school in Arizona and elsewhere, they may find it hard to imagine one day having many valuable assets to divide. It can also be tough to think about the future when there is uncertainty over what type of educational and career track a person could take.

Financial planning tips during a divorce

Getting a divorce in Arizona or any other state may represent a clean start for an individual. Therefore, it may be a good idea to resolve the matter with professionals who solely represent one spouse or the other. This could be difficult at first as a person may want to keep their lives as static as possible during a potentially emotional time. However, a divorce attorney may be able to recommend a financial adviser for a person to work with.

Marrying 'up' could increase divorce risk for men

Many people in Arizona maintain relationships with what could be termed "similarly matched" individuals. However, there are some men who seek to partner with more attractive spouses. An assessment of online dating data shows that both men and women have a tendency to seek out potential partners up to 25 percent more attractive than themselves. While it is possible for such relationships to be successful, there's research from multiple sources suggesting that a physical attractiveness discrepancy in a marriage tends to increase the risk of divorce.

Advantages of joint custody after divorce

Parents in Arizona who get a divorce might wonder whether they should seek sole or joint custody of their children and which arrangement is in the child's best interest. Most research indicates that even for infants, a joint custody arrangement is not harmful and usually has the best outcomes for children.