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April 2019 Archives

When coparenting is not possible with a former spouse

While co-parenting may be seen as the ideal situation for parents and children after divorce, it may not be possible for some parents in Arizona. Some situations, such as the incarceration or abandonment of one parent, make it impossible. There are other situations that threaten the safety of the child. These include parents who are violent, inappropriately sexual, neglectful or addicted to alcohol or drugs. Co-parenting may also be impossible if one parent has taken out a restraining order on the other.

Child support, taxes and modifications

Child support obligations in Arizona are based on such factors as parental income, how many kids are involved and other costs, such as health care and education. However, separated parents should remember that it's possible to modify a child support arrangement when necessary.

Finalizing a divorce usually needs more than a court order

Those in Arizona going through a divorce may think the divorce decree is the final step in parting with their spouse. It is in a way because the marriage is dissolved with the decree, but other things must be dealt with after the divorce. Fortunately, many of these items are more of a housekeeping nature and not as emotionally taxing as the divorce process. They still need to be completed to avoid problems in the future, however.

Awarding joint custody

For the greater part of the 20th century, the family courts in Arizona tended to favor the mothers when awarding child custody. This meant that fathers who wanted shared child custody after their divorce were often disappointed. However, in the last three decades, the manner in which the courts have begun awarding child custody cases has undergone a significant shift, with the mutual agreements that favor shared custody being encouraged.

Divorce considerations for business owners

Arizona spouses who decide to divorce may face an array of emotional, practical and financial complications during the property division process. This can be challenging for almost anyone, especially when sentimental items or high-value assets are involved. However, it can be even more difficult when a family business is part of the divorce.