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May 2019 Archives

Teens need guidance after a divorce

Generally speaking, teens are going through a lot of changes. Their parents getting a divorce will likely only complicate the process of raising a teenager. However, it is critical that parents continue to take a leading role in ensuring that their teens receive the guidance and care that they need. Part of accomplishing this goal is talking to the other parent on a regular basis.

Preparing to purchase the marital home during a divorce

For couples ending a marriage in Arizona, the biggest asset is often the family home. Whether it's emotional attachments, children or other considerations, there are many reasons why a soon-to-be-ex would want to fully purchase the marital home from their spouse. When this is the case, the buying spouse is often advised to determine if the move is financially feasible.

Successful married women seem to face higher divorce risks

Several studies conducted during the last few years suggest that society's views about traditional gender roles are not evolving as quickly as opportunities are opening up for women in the workplace. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that 38% of the wives throughout Arizona and the rest of the country earn more than their husbands. This increases the risk of divorce significantly, according to a Harvard Professor.

What to do about insurance in a divorce

When couples in Arizona get a divorce, they need to decide what to do about insurance coverage. For example, one spouse may be covered on another spouse's health insurance plan. When this is the case, that spouse may need to look into COBRA or seek other options for health insurance coverage.