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June 2019 Archives

Researchers find some wedding dates linked to divorce

People in Arizona who are getting married may want to steer clear of Valentine's Day or dates with clever number combinations for their wedding. Australian researchers looked at 1 million marriages and found a correlation between certain wedding dates and the likelihood of divorce.

Study finds wide national variance in child support payments

According to the software company Custody X Change, a typical child support payment in Arizona is among the lowest in the country, with the usual payments ranging from about $400 to $528. However, just across the state line in New Mexico, the typical payment is $735 to $880, and in Nevada, it is $881 to $1,187. With every state calculating child support differently, a parent who is relocating might want to consult an attorney to find out how child support payments will be affected.

The parallel parenting option

When parents in Arizona divorce, they often have the goal of eventually establishing a strong co-parenting relationship. This means that they are able to set aside their differences and effectively work together to parent their kids. However, there are situations in which one parent may be considered "high-conflict." This means that they are unwilling to behave in a way that fosters a healthy relationship with their former spouse; they may seek to create conflict at every opportunity.


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