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When practical concerns motivate a divorce

The widespread debate about raising taxes on the rich has led some Arizona couples to speculate about the potential value of a "strategic divorce". Because taxes are assessed on married couples as a family unit, they may pay more than two single people both earning relatively high salaries. The threshold for the highest tax bracket - 37% - is hit by a married couple before they reach double the salary for that tax bracket for a single person. However, most of the couples in the highest tax brackets are likely to face far more expenses if they choose to divorce than to pay the taxes in question.

When couples don't eat together, divorce could be coming

When couples in Arizona no longer eat dinner together, they may be headed for divorce. This may sound like a radical statement or a major assumption, but experts say that it is often an indication that a marriage is falling apart. Of course, couples may start spending meals apart due to conflicting work schedules and shifts. However, they may soon find themselves spending time apart even on the weekends or other days off from work, especially if the spouses make little effort to offset the logistical problems posed by their work schedules. Essentially, the loss of shared time can be a reflection that both partners are growing apart from one another.

How parents may reach child support and custody agreements

When parents in Arizona are going through a divorce, they might need to reach an agreement on child custody and support. However, this does not always mean having to go through the process of litigation. Parents may reach an agreement through negotiation or by using an alternative dispute resolution method.

Signs that a co-parenting relationship is healthy

While it may be difficult to do at times, parents in Arizona who have gone through a divorce know that it is more productive to focus on the positive sides of co-parenting as opposed to focusing on the negative. Focusing on what is actually working can help co-parents as they take step to improve areas that aren't working so well.


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