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Strategies that might help divorced co-parents

Some Arizona residents who are divorced share a child with their ex-spouse. Most would agree that separating from their child's parent was not an easy thing to do. In addition to sorting through their own pain, they must strive to make decisions that take their child's best interests into consideration.

How parents can give their children the best shot at success

In the media, children with parents who have gone through a divorce are often portrayed as doing bad in school, taking drugs, going to jail and dealing with similar problems. The reality, though, is that children with divorced parents can do just as well as other children. Arizona parents may wonder what they can do to help their children after a divorce.

Postnuptial agreements for financial planning

In the past, people in Arizona often thought of prenuptial agreements as either a type of bad luck or a concern only of celebrities or the ultra-rich. When people married at a younger age, they often brought fewer assets and a brand-new career to the relationship. However, a growing number of people are marrying and remarrying at an older age, meaning many of them already own homes or businesses or have children of their own. As a result, prenups have become very useful for a growing number of couples. They do not see these agreements as a negative sign of a pre-planned divorce but as smart thinking about their financial future.

Using the year's calendar in a divorce case

Arizona parents who are going through a divorce may struggle to remember important details about child-related expenses. This is such a stressful time that it can affect some people's ability to answer questions about the child's health care, activities and other events accurately. A calendar can help provide information as well as evidence if there is a dispute.

When holiday season ends, divorce season begins

Arizona residents may have heard friends and family members talking about divorce more during January than in other months. If this is the case, it follows a trend that many lawyers see. Statistics show that there is a spike in divorce filings in January after the holiday season.


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