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Using the year's calendar in a divorce case

Arizona parents who are going through a divorce may struggle to remember important details about child-related expenses. This is such a stressful time that it can affect some people's ability to answer questions about the child's health care, activities and other events accurately. A calendar can help provide information as well as evidence if there is a dispute.

International custody conflicts

When couples in Arizona divorce or end their relationship, child custody issues are often a concern. If one of the parties has citizenship in another country, the potential for custody complications increases greatly. This is because the parent might attempt to return to his or her country with the child or refuse to send the child back to the United States after a visit.

How to deal with a toxic co-parent

Good co-parenting requires each ex to put the children's best interests first. Unfortunately, some exes can be considered "toxic" and bring a lot of unwanted drama. Arizona residents in this situation may want to learn some tips that can help them successfully co-parent with a toxic person.

Can parents reschedule a child custody hearing?

When Arizona parents decide to divorce, child custody can be one of the most emotionally fraught and challenging issues they face. Many parents may feel like the odds are stacked against them or that their children are being kept from them. These feelings of frustration can multiply when parents are given an inconveniently scheduled hearing. There are steps that parents can take to mitigate the effects and work to protect their rights to involvement in their children's lives.

Signs that a co-parenting relationship is healthy

While it may be difficult to do at times, parents in Arizona who have gone through a divorce know that it is more productive to focus on the positive sides of co-parenting as opposed to focusing on the negative. Focusing on what is actually working can help co-parents as they take step to improve areas that aren't working so well.

Keys to co-parenting successfully

Studies have shown that children who spend time with each of their parents do better socially, psychologically and academically. Those who are with each of their parents for at least 35% of the time have stronger relationships with both of them. For divorced parents in Arizona, the goal of co-parenting should be to move toward the highest good of the children. Among the most important keys to co-parenting are establishing clear boundaries and open communication, being consistent with rules, sticking to a schedule and maintaining respect.

Teens need guidance after a divorce

Generally speaking, teens are going through a lot of changes. Their parents getting a divorce will likely only complicate the process of raising a teenager. However, it is critical that parents continue to take a leading role in ensuring that their teens receive the guidance and care that they need. Part of accomplishing this goal is talking to the other parent on a regular basis.

When coparenting is not possible with a former spouse

While co-parenting may be seen as the ideal situation for parents and children after divorce, it may not be possible for some parents in Arizona. Some situations, such as the incarceration or abandonment of one parent, make it impossible. There are other situations that threaten the safety of the child. These include parents who are violent, inappropriately sexual, neglectful or addicted to alcohol or drugs. Co-parenting may also be impossible if one parent has taken out a restraining order on the other.

Awarding joint custody

For the greater part of the 20th century, the family courts in Arizona tended to favor the mothers when awarding child custody. This meant that fathers who wanted shared child custody after their divorce were often disappointed. However, in the last three decades, the manner in which the courts have begun awarding child custody cases has undergone a significant shift, with the mutual agreements that favor shared custody being encouraged.


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