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Retirement accounts and other investments in a divorce

Getting a divorce can mean dealing with complex investments for some couples in Arizona. It is necessary to understand the restrictions around splitting these investments or withdrawing from them early since doing so can incur significant taxes and penalties. In some couples, one person is largely responsible for managing the money. This can leave the other person at a disadvantage in case of a divorce, and that person should get information on the assets that are owned jointly and individually.

When divorce property division includes a business

Arizona business owners may face some particular challenges when they decide to divorce. Property division and the financial consequences that accompany the end of a marriage can be difficult for people in any profession, but small business owners may actually lose their companies. When a business is small and closely held, it may reflect a large bulk of the marital assets to be divided. In addition, when both spouses were a key part of the company, there may be some serious challenges to determine the future of the company. As a result, some business owners may decide to sell their companies and move on to handle their obligations during the divorce.

When practical concerns motivate a divorce

The widespread debate about raising taxes on the rich has led some Arizona couples to speculate about the potential value of a "strategic divorce". Because taxes are assessed on married couples as a family unit, they may pay more than two single people both earning relatively high salaries. The threshold for the highest tax bracket - 37% - is hit by a married couple before they reach double the salary for that tax bracket for a single person. However, most of the couples in the highest tax brackets are likely to face far more expenses if they choose to divorce than to pay the taxes in question.

When couples don't eat together, divorce could be coming

When couples in Arizona no longer eat dinner together, they may be headed for divorce. This may sound like a radical statement or a major assumption, but experts say that it is often an indication that a marriage is falling apart. Of course, couples may start spending meals apart due to conflicting work schedules and shifts. However, they may soon find themselves spending time apart even on the weekends or other days off from work, especially if the spouses make little effort to offset the logistical problems posed by their work schedules. Essentially, the loss of shared time can be a reflection that both partners are growing apart from one another.

How to survive a divorce

As Arizona readers who have been through it know, divorce can be a difficult experience for everyone involved. It represents the loss of a partner, possibly a co-parent and all the future hopes and plans spouses may have had for their marriage. Facing this can bring stress and depression, but analysts say there are ways to make the process more tolerable.

Study examines which newlyweds more prone to divorce

Many people expect that when Arizona couples marry, their happiness in the relationship will almost inevitably decrease over time. They may expect that when the honeymoon period is over, couples grow apart and begin to fight more. Small things that may have initially not bothered the partners may begin to become sources of conflict. However, some research has questioned the idea that marital dissatisfaction grows with time. While relationships may change, it seems that the happiest couples when they initially marry are far more likely to stay happy together over the years that follow.

Financial considerations for divorcing couples

When Arizona couples are ending their marriage, they often put undue stress on themselves by worrying too much about finances. Much of the stress can be attributed to the anxiety of not knowing how things will work out. A realistic focus on the likely outcomes and their financial consequences can actually relieve stress in many cases. Any person's financial situation can be broken down into income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Common myths about divorce

Some people in Arizona may believe a number of myths about divorce. These myths can be harmful when they mean that people going through a divorce are misled about finances or child custody. For example, a couple may assume that having separate bank accounts means their finances will be considered separate, but this is not the case. In Arizona, a community property state, most assets acquired since the marriage are considered shared property.

The reasons why an individual may choose to file for divorce

Women initiate 80% of all divorces in Arizona and throughout the United States. There are many reasons why this is the case. For instance, if a woman doesn't feel an emotional connection to her partner, it may lead to problems communicating. When individuals feel like their spouses don't meet their needs, it can lead to resentment and other negative feelings. Eventually, these feelings become difficult or impossible to overcome.


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