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Factors that affect the price of a divorce

Cost is one of the most important factors that couples in Arizona and throughout the country consider when determining whether to file for divorce. Divorce can be expensive: up to $15,000 per person in the United States. There are a number of factors that will determine if the divorce is more or less expensive.

Study reveals that marriage and divorce rates are both falling

Divorce rates in Arizona and around the country have fallen of late, but about 1 million couples still choose to end their marriages each year. In 2000, the divorce rate stood at four out of every 100,000, but that figure has since fallen to 2.9 out of every 100,000. However, this fall in divorces is more likely caused by fewer couples choosing to marry to begin with than an increase in marital bliss.

Gray divorce presents various challenges

Divorcing later in life is becoming more and more common in Arizona and all over the United States. Often referred to as gray divorce, the phenomenon has created new challenges for people over the age of 50. In the 1990s, 10 percent of people over 50 years of age were divorced. The number has since increased to 25 percent. The experience of gray divorce is financially stressful and can lead to a number of psychological side effects.

How spouses may be entitled to part of a business in divorce

Some business owners in Arizona might hesitate to get a prenuptial agreement because they do not want to appear as though they are preparing for divorce. However, a prenup can give a couple the opportunity to decide how they will divide properly fairly in less emotional circumstances and can help protect a business. If the prenup makes the business separate property, the complex process of valuating the business prior to divorce can be avoided.

Divorce and paying for college

Arizona parents who are thinking about getting a divorce may be concerned about its negative financial impact, particularly regarding how they will be able to afford to pay for the higher education of their children. However, wise planning can be used to ensure that they are able to address the financial obligations for their children's college education.

Lack of commitment, infidelity among top-ranking divorce factors

Two people walking down the aisle together in Arizona often have specific reasons why they made the decision to tie the knot. This is also true when a couple decides to end a marriage. In order to find out the specific reasons why some couples split, the National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a study to rank the top divorce-related factors. They did this by interviewing divorced couples who had participated in a prevention and relationship enhancement program before getting married.

Prenuptial advice for college students

A prenuptial agreement can be effective for anyone thinking about getting married regardless of how old they are. For younger people attending school in Arizona and elsewhere, they may find it hard to imagine one day having many valuable assets to divide. It can also be tough to think about the future when there is uncertainty over what type of educational and career track a person could take.

Financial planning tips during a divorce

Getting a divorce in Arizona or any other state may represent a clean start for an individual. Therefore, it may be a good idea to resolve the matter with professionals who solely represent one spouse or the other. This could be difficult at first as a person may want to keep their lives as static as possible during a potentially emotional time. However, a divorce attorney may be able to recommend a financial adviser for a person to work with.

Marrying 'up' could increase divorce risk for men

Many people in Arizona maintain relationships with what could be termed "similarly matched" individuals. However, there are some men who seek to partner with more attractive spouses. An assessment of online dating data shows that both men and women have a tendency to seek out potential partners up to 25 percent more attractive than themselves. While it is possible for such relationships to be successful, there's research from multiple sources suggesting that a physical attractiveness discrepancy in a marriage tends to increase the risk of divorce.

What happens to a business in a divorce

When people get a divorce and one or both of them owns a business, there may be a complex process to decide what share of the business each person gets and what happens to the business. Since Arizona is a community property state, a business created after the marriage will usually be considered the property of both spouses. If the business was started before the marriage, there may be a more complicated issue of determining how much the company's value has increased since the marriage began.


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