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Many common causes drive people to divorce

While every divorce is unique, researchers have found that people in Arizona and across the country tend to divorce in certain common circumstances. Most fundamentally, a breakdown in the loving connection in a relationship is common in the largest number of divorces, according to researchers. One study involved 2,371 recently divorced people in opposite-sex relationships. Their average age was 45, and the couples decided to divorce for a number of different reasons. Of the study participants, 44% initiated divorce proceedings themselves while 40% said the divorce was initiated by a former spouse. Another 16% said the decision to end their marriage was mutual.

Prenuptial agreements can be ideal for business owners

Couples in Arizona and throughout the country have warmed up to the concept of the prenuptial agreement in recent years. These documents can be especially beneficial to those who own a business. With a prenuptial agreement, a couple can determine whether to classify the company as marital property or create a custom label for it.

How parents can help their children adjust to a divorce

There are several things that parents in Arizona can do to protect their children after a divorce. The first thing that they should do is make sure that a child knows that the divorce was not his or her fault. This can be part of an overall strategy to be as honest as possible without divulging inappropriate information. Generally speaking, lying about small things can cause a child to lose trust in a parent.

Summer and divorce planning

Divorce filings in Arizona and the rest of the United States tend to increase in August and March, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington. For the study, the researchers examined divorces from 2001 to 2015 that were filed in Washington.

Researchers find some wedding dates linked to divorce

People in Arizona who are getting married may want to steer clear of Valentine's Day or dates with clever number combinations for their wedding. Australian researchers looked at 1 million marriages and found a correlation between certain wedding dates and the likelihood of divorce.

The parallel parenting option

When parents in Arizona divorce, they often have the goal of eventually establishing a strong co-parenting relationship. This means that they are able to set aside their differences and effectively work together to parent their kids. However, there are situations in which one parent may be considered "high-conflict." This means that they are unwilling to behave in a way that fosters a healthy relationship with their former spouse; they may seek to create conflict at every opportunity.

Successful married women seem to face higher divorce risks

Several studies conducted during the last few years suggest that society's views about traditional gender roles are not evolving as quickly as opportunities are opening up for women in the workplace. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that 38% of the wives throughout Arizona and the rest of the country earn more than their husbands. This increases the risk of divorce significantly, according to a Harvard Professor.

What to do about insurance in a divorce

When couples in Arizona get a divorce, they need to decide what to do about insurance coverage. For example, one spouse may be covered on another spouse's health insurance plan. When this is the case, that spouse may need to look into COBRA or seek other options for health insurance coverage.

Finalizing a divorce usually needs more than a court order

Those in Arizona going through a divorce may think the divorce decree is the final step in parting with their spouse. It is in a way because the marriage is dissolved with the decree, but other things must be dealt with after the divorce. Fortunately, many of these items are more of a housekeeping nature and not as emotionally taxing as the divorce process. They still need to be completed to avoid problems in the future, however.

Divorce considerations for business owners

Arizona spouses who decide to divorce may face an array of emotional, practical and financial complications during the property division process. This can be challenging for almost anyone, especially when sentimental items or high-value assets are involved. However, it can be even more difficult when a family business is part of the divorce.


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