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What are the legal requirements for an Arizona divorce?

A couple might decide together that a divorce is the best resolution to differences in a marriage. However, there are often occasions that involve one party deciding that a divorce is warranted without consulting the other party first. Divorce can be a challenging situation regardless of the circumstances leading up to it, and understanding the legal requirements for divorce may be helpful for the individual who wants to proceed but who is unsure about the details.

How can a stepparent gain custody rights?

In Arizona, it can be difficult for a stepparent to gain custody rights upon a marriage dissolution. Many stepparents develop strong bonds with their partner's children, becoming the child's psychological parent even if the ties are not based upon shared genetics. While difficult, it is still possible for a stepparent to get child custody rights in the state if certain standards are able to be met.

How domestic violence can affect divorce proceedings

Individuals living in Arizona may not be entirely aware of how domestic violence can affect divorce proceedings. Domestic violence can constitute grounds for a divorce, and in some situations, it can also serve as fault. Additionally, domestic violence instances may also affect how a property is divided and how child custody and support are determined.

Court voids adoption while father fights for parental rights

An adoption that was approved by an Arizona court while the child's biological parent was appealing his loss of parental rights was determined to be void in a recent ruling by an appellate court in Phoenix. According to the report, the majority of the three Court of Appeals justices ruled that the foster parents could not adopt the two children until their biological father's case had been resolved.

Many resources available for grandparents raising grandkids

Changes in society and separations of couples with children have dramatically changed the way youths in Arizona survive and thrive. For a growing number of families, the best possible situation for the children is to have them live with grandparents. These cases are bringing about many changes in the area of family law.

Tips for co-parenting after high conflict divorce

If you have gone through a high-conflict divorce with children, you are probably familiar with the challenges divorced parents face during this difficult time. Many parents struggle with raising their children together after separating. Studies have found that high-conflict divorces can be harmful to children so parents should be aware of the impact their divorce may have on their children. 


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