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Collecting child support payments from Social Security benefits

Collecting overdue child support payments can be a challenge for custodial parents who are living in Arizona. While there are several alternative methods of enforcement and coercion, including wage garnishment, property seizure and license suspension, some people overlook the possibility of going after Social Security payments being made to the delinquent parent. Knowledge of how to garnish benefit payments is particularly helpful in cases where the child support is long overdue.

How child support ends in Arizona

The age of majority in Arizona is 18, and parents who are paying child support often assume that they will no longer be required to make payments once their child reaches this age. However, this is not always the case. Child support payments may sometimes continue if the child is disabled or is still attending high school. Parents should also be aware that the payments will not automatically stop after their child's eighteenth birthday, and they are required to request that the support be terminated.

Should statutory rape victims be reponsible for child support?

Arizona residents may be aware of the state law specifying that a child under 15 years of age is not able to consent to any acts of sexual nature under any circumstances. A recent case of a man who was the victim of statutory rape at age 14 by a 20-year-old woman made headlines when the women filed for back child support for a daughter the man has never seen. He found out he was a father when he was served with the papers requesting child support. His wages are now garnished, and $380 is seized from his bank account per month.

August was child support awareness month in Arizona

La Paz County residents may have heard about the impact on child support issues made by the Division of Child Support Services. The office is making every effort to work with parents who owe child support. For the recently ended fiscal year, more than $1 million in child support was collected.

Understanding Arizona's child support guidelines

Arizona parents may be interested in how courts determine the amount of child support that a non-custodial parent must pay. This formula takes into account income and other factors to make the determination.

Child support charges stem from Facebook bragging

Parents dealing with uncooperative ex-spouses in Arizona child support cases may want to take note of a Milwaukee County, Wis., case. Social media is becoming an option in helping in such cases, particularly when parents comment about their income or other related issues in the public setting of social media sites like Facebook. In the Wisconsin case, a father who had paid a total of less than $200 in child support during his 3-year-old son's life discussed his income on the social media site. As a result, he is contending with felony charges.


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