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Common financial mistakes made during a divorce

When Arizona couples go through a divorce, negotiations over money are often the most contentious part of the process. Discussions over matters such as property division and spousal support can cast a long shadow, and emotions frequently run high. Family law attorneys may advise divorcing spouses to remain dispassionate if at all possible during these negotiations as anger or resentment frequently lead to costly financial mistakes.

Prenuptial agreements and protecting assets

Arizona residents who are contemplating marriage may want to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement in order to protect themselves and their assets. In some cases ,they may be unable to get their fiances to agree to one. Prospective spouses should thus be aware of ways in which they might be able to protect their assets in the absence of a prenuptial agreement.

Woman serves divorce notice to husband through Facebook

Arizona residents might be allowed in the future to serve their spouses with divorce pleadings over the Internet if they cannot contact their spouse any other way. In a recent New York family court ruling, a judge allowed a woman to serve her estranged husband a divorce summons through a message on Facebook. However, the ruling only came after the woman's numerous and repeated attempts to contact her husband through other means had proven unsuccessful.

Social Security spousal benefits and divorce

Eligibility for spousal Social Security benefits is an important consideration for Arizona residents who are preparing to divorce or who are preparing to remarry following a divorce. A spouse who reaches retirement age may be able to draw Social Security benefits based on the former spouse's contributions, but only if certain eligibility requirements are met.

Artists and property division in Arizona

It is common for a couple who divorces to have to go through property division, where their community property is allocated between the two spouses. This can be a complicated issue, but with people who are artists, it may be even more complex. The reason is that works of art created by just one of the spouses during their marriage are in most cases considered to be marital property.

Protecting a person's credit during divorce

If an Arizona couple decides it may be time for a divorce, it is always important that financial matters be at the top of the list when they are attempting to resolve issues. If a person does not take the steps to ensure that their finances are secure, they could find themselves stuck with their ex-spouse's debt or poor credit.

Divorcing couples can save money

Arizona couples considering divorce could learn from a New Jersey couple that acrimoniously divorced after 20 years of marriage. The husband fought paying spousal support for a year, even though the wife reportedly earned 40 percent less than him. At the end, legal costs amount to roughly $300,000. Although this example is extreme, there are ways to keep costs down for a divorce.

Potential effect of divorce on credit in Arizona

When people get divorced, the judge will issue an order that not only divides the property of the respective spouses, but also allocates the responsibility to pay any debts. People need to be aware that creditors, however, do not have to follow a family court's order and may still pursue whomever they can for repayment of a debt.

Divorce rates are lower than 50 percent, report says

According to popular conception, at least 50 percent of marriages do not last. However, this conception may be based in more myth than fact, report authorities. Arizona couples might take interest in a Dec. 2 New York Times report asserting that approximately 70 percent of marriages that began in the 1990s are still intact and that divorce rates are actually in decline.

How is property divided in Arizona?

When couples divorce in Arizona, they can either come to an agreement on their own as to how their property will be divided or the court will make the determination. Property is designated as either marital, or community, property or separate property. Since Arizona is a community property state, the court will divide all marital property equally between the spouses.


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