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Common financial mistakes made during a divorce

When Arizona couples go through a divorce, negotiations over money are often the most contentious part of the process. Discussions over matters such as property division and spousal support can cast a long shadow, and emotions frequently run high. Family law attorneys may advise divorcing spouses to remain dispassionate if at all possible during these negotiations as anger or resentment frequently lead to costly financial mistakes.

Divorcing couples can save money

Arizona couples considering divorce could learn from a New Jersey couple that acrimoniously divorced after 20 years of marriage. The husband fought paying spousal support for a year, even though the wife reportedly earned 40 percent less than him. At the end, legal costs amount to roughly $300,000. Although this example is extreme, there are ways to keep costs down for a divorce.

Divorce issues for Arizona military families

Although members of the military face the same legal system that others use for dissolution of marriage, there are some logistical issues that can make a military divorce a little more challenging. It is important to understand these issues in considering filing for divorce to ensure that details can be handled as efficiently as possible.

Divorce rate higher for women who become ill

A new study has found a surprising link between medical conditions and the risk of divorce in the United States. The risk of divorce increases when wives become ill. However, the risk of divorce does not increase when a husband's health declines, according to the study by the University of Michigan and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. 


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