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Divorce and the protection of finances

Before tying the knot, marriage-bound Arizona residents should think about protecting their assets. While it may seem very cynical to make plans for what could happen during a divorce, having the proper safeguards in place is often a wise move.

Tips for dealing with finances when divorcing later in life

Divorce has been on the rise over the past 25 years for people older than 50. This can mean certain financial concerns for people who divorce as they are approaching retirement. However, people in Arizona may be able to protect themselves financially by taking these steps.

Collaboration can make divorce easier for kids

Arizona parents headed for divorce can avoid ugly courtroom battles if they are focused and make use of available resources. In the midst of an emotional split, the temptation looms large to use the legal system as a vehicle for revenge, but doing so can put children in the middle, which is something most people agree is an unwanted outcome. If parents work together and keep children's best interests at heart, a great deal of time, money and acrimony can be saved.

Cutting out contempt can help stave off divorce

Many couples in Arizona have wondered what leads spouses to divorce. This question has been studied by marriage expert and writer Dr. John Gottman, among others. When Gottman examined marriages to determine why some last and others come to an end, he noted a few distinct problems in communication that can be dangerous.

When business partners divorce

When couples in Arizona divorce, common concerns include property division, dividing assets, child custody and support payments. When a married couple owns a business together, a whole new layer of complexity has to be dealt with. Surprisingly, however, some couples do manage to continue working together even after their marriage ends.

Spying on spouses during divorce has gone digital

For as long as divorce has been a part of society, spying and tracking of one estranged spouse by another has existed. People who are battling over child custody have looked for evidence of neglect. Spouses in Arizona trying to work out alimony have kept a close eye out for any infidelity. Spying can extend to property division issues as well, such as is the case with hidden assets.

Increasing rates of divorce in January

Having just gone through the holidays, citizens of Arizona may start experiencing a phenomenon that recurs every January: higher rates of divorce. In fact, the number of divorces increase during January to such a degree that the month has been nicknamed Divorce Month.

Dealing with a narcissistic coparent

Some parents in Arizona may have to deal with coparenting with a narcissist after a divorce. One woman received an email from her narcissistic husband saying that the children were afraid of her and did not want to go to her house. The woman initially ignored it because it was typical of the type of behavior she had become accustomed to from her ex-husband. It also was not unusual for him to behave in this way just before a court action, and she had filed for the fifth time to get him to pay the support he owed.


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