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Social Security may still pay spousal benefits after divorce

Individuals in Arizona may be entitled to receive spousal benefits from the Social Security Administration even after they have divorced. The SSA will, in many cases, continue to acknowledge the relationship with a former spouse and continue to pay benefits based on the ex-spouse's work history. In order to qualify for such benefits, though, certain SSA requirements must be met.

Building a team to get through a divorce

For many Arizona residents, ending a marriage is an emotionally difficult process. However, the financial implications can also make it harder to get ahead once the divorce is finalized, especially if the process is drawn out. Regardless, getting the finances in order is critical in order for a person to be able to fully move on emotionally.

Special issues involved with "grey divorces"

When older couples in Arizona decide to get divorced, they may be forced to contend with special issues that younger spouses won't have to face. Because of the financial impacts of a separation, it is important for people who are near retirement to carefully consider what divorce might mean for them before they move forward.

Business ownership can add complexity to divorce

Women frequently face challenges during a divorce; for women in Arizona who own a business, there may be particular concerns concerning the future of their enterprises. Entrepreneurs heading for divorce should fully understand the value of their companies, whether it is owned as a sole proprietorship or as a joint venture with their former spouse.

Predicting divorce

There is no way to determine with complete accuracy which Arizona couples will get divorced. However, social scientists have determined that there are certain factors that can determine who may be more likely.

Sometimes divorce is the best option

When Arizona residents get married, they usually do so with the intention of spending a lifetime with their partners. However, for some couples, the periods of strife within the marriage might seem overwhelming, and the option to divorce might be something they begin to consider.

Relationships that begin online could be more stable

People in Arizona who met online might have more stable relationships than those who met offline. One study used a model to predict that marriages that were the result of using online dating sites would last longer than those in which couples met in other ways.

Making a decision to divorce

The decision to end a marriage can be a difficult one. However, there may be a few situations that could lead people in Arizona to conclude that divorce is the best option.

Tax changes for people who divorce

The end of a marriage leads to many Arizona couples feeling anxiety and uncertainty for the future. Divorce affects their living arrangements and finances. They will need to find ways to adjust to their new lifestyles. They will also be facing a variety of income tax consequences and changes.


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