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Working Together To Protect Your Children

Possibly the most adversarial aspect of any divorce involving children is the determination of child custody and visitation. These disputes can be resolved through mediation and negotiation, but it takes a skilled attorney to guide the parties through a dispute to a successful conclusion.

Michael A. Johnson, an experienced Tucson child custody lawyer, is skilled in mediation and is an accomplished trial attorney in all aspects of family law. He has guided hundreds of clients through these difficult and emotionally charged disputes with care and understanding. Clients appreciate the attentiveness, responsiveness and ability to meld their goals with the best interests of their children in the eyes of the court.

Types Of Custody In Arizona

Typically, child custody or visitation can take many forms, including:

  • Sole legal custody: With sole legal custody, one parent is entitled to make important decisions in a child’s life, such as those dealing with education, religion and medical care, without seeking input from the other parent.
  • Joint legal custody: With joint legal custody, both parents are entitled to make major decisions concerning the child’s education, religious upbringing and medical care.
  • Joint physical custody: Joint physical custody attempts to give equal parenting time to each parent. The parents will agree on a certain number of overnights, weekends or holidays per year. This physical custody arrangement usually coincides with joint legal custody. Decisions regarding education, religion and medical care will typically be made by both parents.
  • Primary physical custody: With primary physical custody, the children reside primarily with one parent. The other parent typically has alternating weekends, perhaps overnights during the week, and shared holidays.

As a parent, your idea of what is in the best interest of your child may differ from the court’s position. Michael will help you advocate for what is right for your child as you work toward a parenting plan that addresses your unique family’s needs. Whether you are going through a divorce or are not married to the other parent, Michael knows how to guide you through even the toughest custody battles.

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