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A Better Way To Resolve Family Law Disputes

Many clients seek a nontraditional alternative to litigation when attempting to settle divorce disputes. Since 2001, lawyer Michael A. Johnson has been a member of the Collaborative Law Group of Southern Arizona. It is his goal, where possible, to resolve divorce matters by following a nonconfrontational, team approach.

In a collaborative divorce setting, Michael A. Johnson‘s litigation experience allows him to offer valuable insight into what a client may face in court.

Mediation Can Give You More Control Over Your Outcome

Mediation in family law is a process that enables spouses to reach solutions specifically tailored to their family’s unique needs. Mediation can be a faster, less costly process than courtroom litigation in the hands of a skilled mediator. Mediation is a collaborative process where the spouses voluntarily exchange information. It is a mediator’s function to foster a sense of positive interactions and a willingness to work together to resolve disputes. Typically, with mediation, the parties do not appear in court.

It is important to note that your individual attorney cannot act as a mediator in this process. The mediator does not have a relationship with either party and truly acts as an objective facilitator. The mediator gives advice throughout the process as to what a reasonable position would be. Michael’s litigation experience allows him to offer insightful and well-reasoned input about the potential challenges and pitfalls that might come up in a courtroom setting.

You Need An Experienced Attorney In Collaborative Law

Collaborative law in divorce is another alternative method of dispute resolution that puts the decision-making power in the clients’ hands rather than a judge’s. With collaborative law, each party is represented by their own attorney. They all agree not to go to court but, rather, agree to settle all disputes outside of the courtroom. A group of experts is available, including psychologists, child specialists and financial experts, who help the parties resolve specific issues.

If the collaborative event fails and the parties are unable to reach an agreement, they must find new attorneys before seeking court relief.

Which Method Is Right For You?

If you want to try mediation or collaborative law, speak with divorce attorney Michael A. Johnson to learn which may work for you. Your phone consultation is free. Call his office in Tucson at 520-834-8932