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Tips for co-parenting after high conflict divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2014 | Family Law

If you have gone through a high-conflict divorce with children, you are probably familiar with the challenges divorced parents face during this difficult time. Many parents struggle with raising their children together after separating. Studies have found that high-conflict divorces can be harmful to children so parents should be aware of the impact their divorce may have on their children. 

Fighting, arguing or talking bad about each other in front of their kids can have a lasting impact on their relationship with their children. Studies have found that tension and fighting during and after the divorce can lead to dysfunctional and behavioral issues in children. 

Parenting with your ex can be difficult and frustrating. However, parents should be aware of the negative affect divorce may have on their child’s life and take steps to prevent any harm to their child. What can parents do to reduce the negative impact of divorce? Below is a list of mistakes parents should avoid during and after the divorce: 

  • Don’t talk bad about your ex in front of your kids
  • Don’t involve your kids in your arguments or discussions regarding the divorce, child support or custody arrangements
  • Don’t make your kids ask your ex questions for you or make them feel bad about spending time with your ex

Parents in Arizona should understand that divorce can be difficult for children to accept. However, parents can make the divorce process easier by taking steps to reduce the impact of divorce on their kids. This includes creating a co-parenting plan with their ex to address any issues or concerns and to plan out any details regarding living arrangements and visitation. Parents also need to remember to treat each other and their children with respect to create a healthier and hopefully happier family in the long run.

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