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Children just as happy in homes with stepparents, study finds

On Behalf of | May 14, 2014 | Stepparents' Rights

After parents get divorced, they often worry about the impact it will have on their children. Divorce affects each child in a different way, but many children may feel angry, sad, confused and even resentful. These feelings are common in children after a divorce. In addition to worrying about how the divorce will impact their kids, many parents wonder how getting remarried will affect their relationship with their children.

Many divorced parents in Arizona get remarried and hope their new spouse will have a loving relationship with their children. Even though many movies and shows portray stepparents who overstep their boundaries or make life more difficult for the kids, this stereotype is often untrue, according to a new study.

The study found that a child’s happiness is not impacted by living with a stepparent. The researchers said that kids who grow up with a stepparent or kids who grow up with two biological parents reported the same amount of happiness with their family life. The researchers concluded that a child’s relationship with family members impacts their happiness, not whether or not they are living with both biological parents.

The study found that a child’s relationship with siblings, weekend activities with the family and having parents who do not fight or yell at them is linked to a child’s happiness while growing up. Notice the study did not mention how growing up with a stepparent impacts their happiness.

This study is good news for divorced parents and stepparents who may be worried about how their new marriage may impact their children. Stepparents often struggle with creating a new, happy relationship with their stepchildren, but this study should help stepparents become more confident in their role in the family and help them create a better relationship with their stepchildren.

Becoming a stepparent can result in many emotions and it can be difficult to understand what rights you have when caring for your spouse’s children. Stepparents in Arizona who have questions about their rights should contact an attorney to discuss any issues they may be facing to help create a better family dynamic now and in the future.

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