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Things to consider when discussing child support during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2014 | Child Support

Child support can be a heated issue for many spouses in Arizona. Divorcing couples often have misconceptions about child support orders and what child support can be used for. 

Some parents who receive child support feel like they don’t receive enough to help pay for everyday expenses for their children. On the other side, some parents paying child support think they are paying too much or that their payments are not being used properly. 

Child support issues can be difficult to discuss with your ex. That is why you should understand what child support can be used for and think about any additional expenses you may to discuss during the divorce process. 

Child support is used to pay for caring for the children. This includes monthly expenses like food, clothing and other living expenses along with health insurance and medical costs and daycare. 

While child support can be used for a variety of expenses related to taking care of your children, you may want to consider adding other expenses to your divorce settlement so both parents are on the same page when it comes to paying for their kids now and in the future. 

You should consider including additional expenses for activities after school, sports activities, music lessons, tutors, future cars, college expenses and even wedding expenses. While these expenses may not be enforced by the child support order, it can help to have both parents discuss these costs and figure out who will be responsible for paying for these items. 

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