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Co-parenting successfully

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Child Custody

When an Arizona couple shares a child but are no longer together, getting along for the sake of the child may be difficult. It is a good idea to try to do so, however, as children have been shown to fare better if they have the benefit of good relationships with both parents.

Presenting a united front can help alleviate tensions for the child as they may better understand their expectations. A parent who is interested in trying to co-parent their child with the other parent may be able to do so if they can step back and reframe how they view that parent. Making a conscious choice to view that parent as a partner for parenting purposes is a good first step.

In order to prevent unnecessary conflict, it is a good idea to set clear boundaries about conversational topics with the child’s other parent. They should also do what it takes to not allow the other parent to draw them into an argument. Even when parents are successful with co-parenting most of the time, it’s important to understand that there will be ups and downs. People should continue to try even if it is difficult to do so.

When parents have joint legal custody, they must work together to make the important decisions regarding their child’s life. Decisions involving education, health care, medication and religion must all be decided jointly. Because joint legal custody necessarily involves parents needing to be able to communicate with one another, making an effort to get along is very important. A parent who is in the middle of a child custody and visitation dispute may want to get advice from a family law attorney. Keeping in mind that their child’s best interests are what is most important may help things to go smoother as their child grows up.