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Keeping children’s needs in mind through a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2016 | Child Custody

An Arizona couple could create increased turmoil for their children by delaying divorce in some situations. They might avoid initiating divorce proceedings in order to attempt to resolve differences, but as the decision end their marriage is made, prolonging the matter could lead to greater difficulties for children. The desire to reconcile can create delays, especially if one or both spouses are conflicted because of issues such as religious beliefs, family pressures, or even concern for the impact on children. Although a delay may allow marital differences to be resolved, it could also lead to a longer period of uncertainty for one’s children.

When the action is initiated, one spouse may move out of the home, which can create a huge change in a child’s routine as the family dynamic is altered. This change can be confusing, which can challenge a child’s sense of security and love. It could be difficult to focus on school and play as a child is preoccupied by the uncertainties in the family situation. A conclusion to the matter can allow routines to be more consistent.

A parenting plan is often used to establish the details of visitation for a parent who does not have primary physical custody. However, there are also unique approaches to parenting time for situations in which parents’ schedules do not coincide with a traditional work week. Shared physical custody might be a better solution for couples whose weekends involve work time. It may be important to build some flexibility into such a plan to ensure that changes can be handled without the need to go to court.

Stress can arise for both parents and children if there is a major change of circumstances for one of the parties. An amended agreement might need to be negotiated by the parents’ respective attorneys if one parent needs to move to a different city or state for work or family purposes.