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Preparing to go to divorce court

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2016 | Divorce

Couples who are getting a divorce may be headed to court if they are unable to negotiate an agreement with their spouse regarding property division and other applicable issues. The process of going to court involves a number of steps, and a person who is heading to court should be aware of the rules in Arizona family law courts. There will be a complex discovery process that involves turning over financial records such as bank statements and tax documents. A party who tries to withhold this information could be penalized.

People should keep in mind that it is normal for divorce to be an emotionally difficult time. They should try to remain calm in front of the judge and see a therapist if necessary to process their feelings. Children should be left out of the proceedings unless the judge has asked for them to be there.

Couples should also keep their options open. Even if a contentious divorce looks as though it is headed for litigation, there may be an opportunity to reach a settlement before the court date. Choosing the right attorney is also important. An overly aggressive attorney may be damaging. Interviewing attorneys can help a person choose someone who is right for the case.

A person who is going through a divorce may be happier with the outcome if a solution can be reached through mediation or negotiation. If there are children involved, mediation may result in a better co-parenting relationship after the divorce. One person may also be eligible to receive child or spousal support. People may want to discuss how their attorney might approach mediation or negotiation with an eye to avoiding litigation and how the strategy might change if going to court becomes necessary.