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Independent women and divorce in Arizona

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2016 | Divorce

A survey of 6,300 heterosexual married couples conducted by a Harvard professor revealed some interesting insights into the link between work and the success of a marriage. Women who worked outside the home were at no greater risk for experiencing trouble in their marriage compared to those who undertook a stay-at-home role. However, men were more likely to be at risk for divorce if they didn’t work outside the home.

Husbands are also now expected to do more around the house than they did in previous generations. However, the division of labor among married couples is not necessarily a predictor of divorce for those married after 1975. For those married before 1975, the likelihood of a divorce actually decreased when the women’s share of household labor went up. The study also revealed that a couple’s financial condition was not necessarily a factor in predicting whether a couple would divorce.

The research data suggests that providing women with resources such as SNAP or the earned income tax credit is unlikely to increase the rate of divorce. It also suggests that women gaining financial independence may not have played a significant role as it related to increasing divorce rates since the 1960s.

During the divorce process, it may be helpful to talk with an attorney. A lawyer may be able to review the case and help an individual obtain spousal support or child support. These benefits may help an individual live a more financially stable life after the marriage is dissolved. Legal counsel may also help with property division issues related to the end of a marriage.