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Cuba Gooding Jr. files for divorce after 3-year separation

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2017 | Divorce

Arizona residents who are fans of actor Cuba Gooding Jr. may be aware that he has been separated from his wife for almost three years. Despite previous hints that there might be a reconciliation, Gooding recently filed for divorce. He had been married to his wife, Sara Kapfer, since 1994.

Gooding and Kapfer met while they were both in high school. The former couple has three children together. Their daughter is 10 years old, so she will be the subject of a child custody decision. It has been reported that Gooding asked for joint legal and physical custody of his daughter when he filed for divorce. In March 2016, Gooding appeared on the ‘Steve Harvey Show” and said that he wanted to keep his marriage together because he has kids.

Reports of Gooding’s divorce indicate that the 49-year-old actor has agreed to pay spousal support to Kapfer. Gooding has requested that he be allowed to keep all of the income that he has earned since the date that Kapfer filed for legal separation.

When a married couple decides to live apart before filing for divorce, it may be a good idea for one spouse to file for separation. In the event of a divorce in the future, the date of separation will be important for property division purposes. If a person was not legally separated from their spouse before they filed for divorce, a judge might consider all of the spouse’s assets to be eligible for property division.

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