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Tips for a child custody hearing

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Child Custody

Arizona parents who are divorcing might also be heading toward a custody battle. These are best avoided because the judge will have the final say, and the parent may not like the outcome. However, if they are unable to reach a compromise with the other parent, there are steps they can take to make it more likely they will receive custody.

Even if the parent can not compromise with the other over custody, they should try to demonstrate to the judge that they are willing to work with that parent. This willingness could count in their favor. The parent should also dress appropriately and behave respectfully toward the judge during the custody hearing. The parent may also want to provide any documentation that supports their bid for custody.

The court’s decision will be based on what it has judged to be the child’s best interests. While a parent may not agree with this, it is necessary to abide by this decision. Furthermore, the parent may still be granted ample visitation time even if their attempt to get custody is unsuccessful. Parents might then want to create a parenting plan that outlines expectations and agreements about how they will raise the child.

Once a decision has been made about custody, parents must switch their focus to trying to work together in a coparenting relationship. Whether or not parents have joint physical custody, the child might be spending a considerable amount of time in each parent’s home. In the parenting agreement, parents may want to include how they will handle children meeting new partners, how much time children will spend with other family members, and how vacations will be handled among other items. The parenting agreement should also be flexible enough to allow for changes as the child gets older and has changing needs.