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Divorce and health care insurance

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Divorce

Arizona couples who are considering a divorce may be interested in putting their plans on hold due to the state of health care in the United States. Some people are concerned that they may not be able to get health insurance after their divorce due to pre-existing conditions and a potential increase in costs.

There are major concerns regarding the Better Care Reconciliation Act, a piece of legislation that would repeal the ACA. Some of the drafts include an amendment that would allow health care insurers to be able to disregard protections given by the ACA as long as they at least offered a plan that was compliant under the ACA. However, this plan would likely include high premiums. Even if the amendment was not included, insurers would still be able to narrow the number of benefits the insurers provide.

With premiums and even deductibles likely to rise if the Better Care Reconciliation Act is passed, it is important for those getting a divorce to consider them. The cost of health care can actually factor into how much alimony a person can receive, meaning that some of the costs can be covered by a person’s ex-spouse.

Going through the divorce process is complex, especially if one person did not work during the marriage. In general, those who stayed home to raise the kids and take care of the household may be entitled to a certain amount of spousal support to help them pay their bills after the divorce. A divorce attorney may assist with determining how much in spousal support a person may be eligible to seek. In many cases, the attorney may include an estimate of the person’s health insurance premiums and deductibles in the spousal support request.