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Relationships that begin online could be more stable

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2017 | Divorce

People in Arizona who met online might have more stable relationships than those who met offline. One study used a model to predict that marriages that were the result of using online dating sites would last longer than those in which couples met in other ways.

This model has been backed up by other research, including a 2013 study that appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This study found that 5.9 percent of couples that met online broke up compared to 7.6 percent of those that met in other ways. The study also found that the divorce or separation rate among the more than 19,000 couples that were married after meeting online was only about 7 percent.

These findings seem to contradict one popular perception of online dating as contributing to more casual relationships. Experts speculate that this could be due to the way online dating sites attempt to match people based on questionnaires and other tools that demonstrate compatibility. It also could be because people using online dating sites are ready for marriage.

Regardless of how a couple met, the divorce process can be difficult. It is necessary to divide property, and if the couple has children, either they or a judge will have to make a decision about custody. The noncustodial parent may be required to pay child support to the parent with custody. Spousal support also may be involved if there is a significant difference in income. Arizona is a community property state, and this means that even if only one person earned income or contributed to a retirement account, both spouses are entitled to the portion acquired after marriage. Inheritances may be exempt from being considered as marital property depending on whether they were mingled with marital assets or kept separate.