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Sometimes divorce is the best option

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Divorce

When Arizona residents get married, they usually do so with the intention of spending a lifetime with their partners. However, for some couples, the periods of strife within the marriage might seem overwhelming, and the option to divorce might be something they begin to consider.

While some couples can work through their issues, just over 50 percent of couples cannot, and these marriages end in divorce. There are some reasons, however, that might make divorce the best option, particularly if the ex-spouses can be forgiving of themselves and their partners and can begin the process in a more amicable fashion.

According to experts, divorce might be the best option when couples have tried couples counseling and found it just doesn’t work for them. Another reason a person might choose to proceed with a divorce even after counseling is if his or her spouse is abusive. Abuse can take several forms, but for victims of the abuse, the only choice might be to remove themselves from the relationship. Couples that have grown distant and cannot find a way to connect even when they go through counseling or cannot find a way to be happy together might also choose divorce. Finally, when one of the spouses is tempted to cheat on the other or has already cheated, then it might be time for the marriage to end. In many of these types of situations, divorce might actually provide a more peaceful resolution for the people involved.

For Arizona residents that find themselves in any of these situations and are considering divorce, the process might seem challenging and emotional. They might find it beneficial to seek assistance from a lawyer with experience in family law that can explain how the divorce process works and provide advice related to the divorce settlement, child custody and child support negotiations.