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Building a team to get through a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Divorce

For many Arizona residents, ending a marriage is an emotionally difficult process. However, the financial implications can also make it harder to get ahead once the divorce is finalized, especially if the process is drawn out. Regardless, getting the finances in order is critical in order for a person to be able to fully move on emotionally.

At the outset, people should consider putting a well-rounded team together to help them get through the divorce. Not only should this team include support, like friends and family, but the group should also include an attorney and a financial adviser. The adviser can help a person determine what exactly he or she has in terms of assets and what he or she will need to live after the divorce agreement is signed. Further, if the divorce is particularly emotional, a trusted therapist could help give a person the tools he or she needs to mentally get through this major life obstacle.

Finding the right attorney is also important. If the divorce is complex, a person may want an attorney that has extensive experience with these types of situations. The person should also make sure that communications regarding proceedings are clear and understandable.

The property division part of a divorce can be a long, drawn-out struggle, especially if both parties came into the marriage with assets. A family law attorney may help a person protect the assets he or she came into the marriage with by providing proof that those particular assets should be treated as separately owned and thus not community property subject to division.