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Collaboration can make divorce easier for kids

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018 | Divorce

Arizona parents headed for divorce can avoid ugly courtroom battles if they are focused and make use of available resources. In the midst of an emotional split, the temptation looms large to use the legal system as a vehicle for revenge, but doing so can put children in the middle, which is something most people agree is an unwanted outcome. If parents work together and keep children’s best interests at heart, a great deal of time, money and acrimony can be saved.

In most jurisdictions, the starting place for custody negotiations is an equal division of time split between the parents. Every family is unique, and different situations require thoughtful adjustments from that starting point. For example, travel and work schedules may make 50/50 parenting impossible, or the distance between parental residences could create hardships for the children. The key to working things out is the maintenance of strict focus on the children involved.

Collaborative divorce is the process through which couples are guided through the marital dissolution process by attorneys, mediators and other professionals who are trained in dispute resolution and experienced in finding parenting solutions for conflicted parties. The collaborative process is generally less adversarial and makes a more efficient use of time than protracted legal maneuvers in which parents outsource decisions to judges. Some conflicts simply cannot be resolved by divorcing parties without extended litigation, but for most families, there are other solutions worthy of consideration.

Ending a marriage is stressful decision that requires careful analysis. A consultation with a qualified family law attorney may provide an overview of available options and insight regarding the timelines, judicial procedures and potential outcomes when parents are considering asset division, child support and other aspects of divorce.