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The potential pitfalls of choosing “cute” wedding dates

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Divorce

It’s not unusual for future spouses in Arizona to be choosy when it comes to their wedding date. Some couples prefer nuptials during certain seasons while thrifty brides and grooms may schedule their ceremonies on a weekday. Couples opting for specific “cute” dates with special significance may want to think twice if their goal is to enjoy a long, successful marriage. Results from a University of Melbourne study involving a million married couples suggest that certain wedding dates may not be so lucky after all.

It’s couples tying the knot on Valentine’s Day, long heralded as the most romantic day of the year, who are more likely to end up getting a divorce. Roughly 11 percent of couples studied who legally united on Feb. 14 ended up untying the knot within five years. Just under 25 percent of the Valentine’s Day couples in the study had called it quits before they reached their decade mark.

Similar results were seen with individuals who selected dates with special numeric significance to get hitched. This is a reference to dates like Sept. 9, 1999, or Dec.12, 2012. The reason for the results may be that couples focused on special meaning dates may be more concerned about having an ideal wedding day than paying attention to the many substantive factors that can increase the odds of enjoying a happy marriage.

When the decision is made to end a marriage, a divorce lawyer may offer advice and assistance. With property division, an attorney may make an attempt to negotiate a reasonable agreement with how assets such as retirement savings and jointly owned homes are split. Similar efforts may be made with child custody arrangements and visitation schedules. In some situations, it might be appropriate to seek spousal or child support for the lower-earning spouse or custodial parent.