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Researchers find some wedding dates linked to divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Divorce

People in Arizona who are getting married may want to steer clear of Valentine’s Day or dates with clever number combinations for their wedding. Australian researchers looked at 1 million marriages and found a correlation between certain wedding dates and the likelihood of divorce.

The wedding date that was followed by the highest number of divorces was Valentine’s Day. The University of Melbourne study found that after five years, 11% of couples who married on Feb. 14 had divorced. For 21% percent of those couples, the marriage was over after nine years.

Other couples might choose a date that produces a quirky set of numbers. For example, couples who married on Sept. 9, 1999 would have a wedding date of 9/9/99. These types of dates also tended to be followed by more divorces. One reason could be that when couples focus too much on a perfect wedding day, they might not always prepare adequately for the challenges of marriage.

Among the many reasons that couples divorce are infidelity, disagreements about money or children, and simply growing apart. Couples who divorce because they grow apart may have a fairly amicable split and might be able to negotiate property division, child custody and visitation without encountering significant issues, but others may carry anger, sadness or guilt over the divorce into the negotiations. It is important for people to not let these emotions control their negotiations. For example, a person who feels guilty about the divorce might make concessions too eagerly that affect that person’s financial security after divorce. Someone who is angry about the divorce might spend a lot of time and money trying to harm the other person. A better approach may be for each person to protect their rights while trying to minimize time and costs spent on the divorce.